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22 August 2007

Park Day, Park Day, Wonderful Park Day

I love park days. The kids play with other kids. I get to talk to grown ups. What is not to love about park day?

This week our park had a lake complete with ducks and geese. We spent 5 hours at the park and none of us were ready to leave when it was time to go home. The girls made canals, dams and rivers. I got to talk to other homeschool moms and a couple of the dads. It was great. I love park day. Why can't every day be a park day?

We got up early, had breakfast, did math and reading, then packed lunches and loaded the car. On the way to the park, we watched a French singing video. Both of the girls really enjoyed it. They are already repeating some of the lines. We checked it out from the library, but we might have to buy this one.

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