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31 August 2007

Week 4 Report

The week went wonderfully. I went to the health department to get the birth certificate, and it took only 5 minutes. I don't know why I put it off so long. I still didn't pay my old speeding ticket. I will do it when we get back. I have procrastinated too long.

We have made yet another refinement to the schedule. I dropped spelling and the grammar that we never get to in favor of copywork. I had been wanting to add it to the schedule but wasn't sure it would be a good fit. I think it works better than spelling and grammar separately. CC needs to work on neatness, but she liked it better than spelling. Math was great, again. LB even joined in for some of the RS card games. If I'm not careful, she is going to learn to recognize her numbers from playing with us.

For nature studies this week, in addition to lots of time outside, we went to the zoo. We saw the baby giraffes and the lion cubs were outside with their mom. It was the first time we have seen the new cubs. The girls also got to pet the goats, a rabbit, a pig and a wallaby. I think the highlight of the day was getting to help feed the alligators. I love the great weather we have in autumn. We usually take advantage of it and a zoo membership by going once a week until it gets too cold. The girls love it, and we all learn a lot.

When we sat down near the monkey house for lunch, two monkeys were out enjoying the afternoon. LB looked at them and knew that they were mangabeys not just monkeys. CC was suprised by the number of people that just walked by, commented on the "monkeys", and continued on without reading the sign. She wondered why people wouldn't want to know more about them.


my5wolfcubs said...

Your zoo trip sounds so nice! It is hot hot hot here still, no fun for animals at the zoo or people who go there. :) Glad your math w/ games is going so well!

Am I remembering correctly that you're using the Right Start games? I have them--but am never organized to play them lately...


PS Glad getting the birth certificate was so easy & quick!!

Karen said...

Yes. It is the Right Start math games. The high was only 75 today and it is a pleasant 61 now. I miss the beaches (I'm from FL), but I do like having seasons.

Trivium Academy said...

It sure looks like fun! I'm glad the games are working out for you.

I created some graphics for doing a weekly report, I just wanted to let you know. Feel free to use them if you want, I've got all the Weekly Reporters listed at my blog that I know of.

The "I am a Weekly Reporter" button is at
Weekly Report Button

I also created a moving gif file for each Weekly Report post that I will be using for each Weekly Report. Feel free to use it as well.
Weekly Banner

These are stored at my free photobucket account and they will not be deleted so feel free to link to it or download/upload it yourself in your own image storage.

If you know of someone that is doing weekly reports that isn't on the list I have, let me know so I can add them. We learn so much from visiting others, it's like having a weekly open house!

A former graphic designer who just can't help herself at times,
: ) Jessica

Diane said...

Great week!

Robin said...

The zoo sounds like fun. Like lee, our area is just too hot. I think its neat the kids got to feed the alligators. How fun is that!!!


Katrina said...

You guys look like you had so much fun! (Much more fun than my kids anyway!)