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08 September 2007

Week Off Weekly report

Does it count as a weekly report if we were on vacation? Lets start at the beginning. Last week, hubby took the girls to the balloon festival. He had them up and out of the house way too early for me (I had come in from work at 2am).

We flew into
Chattanooga. It was the first time we have all flown together in a year. The kids were great, but it was a long day. It was nice to see far away family. The cousins are homeschooled too, which is wonderful. It helps CC to feel more "normal" about homeschool. It was hot and the girls aren't used to humidity, so they stayed either inside or in the pool during the heat of the day. However, I was reminded of how much I do enjoy real heat - as opposed to the dry stuff we get out here. We went to Ruby Falls , the Chattanooga Zoo and the Children's Museum. I think that the trip, the field trips and what we learned about cows, chickens and goats qualifies this as a week of school. Count this one as week 5.

When LB and I left so that I could come back for work this weekend, LB asked if she could stay. She promised she would be good if I let her stay. It was very sweet, but she is too little to be so far away from me. CC is having a hard enough time and she is older. She'll be back Sunday night.

Right now I am busily preparing for co-op classes that I am teaching starting Tuesday. I will be doing a FIAR and a SOTW 1 class. Yikes!

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Christine said...

That looks AMAZING! I have always wanted to go to a balloon festival ... also REALLY want to take a ride!