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25 January 2008

Week 21 - Weekly Report

This was a short week for us. The holiday on Monday then the all-day play day at our co-op on Tuesday didn't start us on a good path for productivity. We did get learn how the Trojan War was related to the founding of Rome, and CC decided that the story of Dido and Aeneas must be part of the reason that Carthage and Rome were enemies for so long. We got our minimum work done each day with some additional good story time. It was a very relaxed and enjoyable week.

Next week is another week. Hopefully it will be more productive.
My favorite quotes from the week - I'll leave it to you to guess who they are from:
"I am not assertive. I AM A PRINCESS!"
"I googled '12 days of cookies and food network' and found all these cookie recipes."
"I knew I would get in. Don't you remember how awesome my essay was?"


my5wolfcubs said...

Is the princess the cutie in the top picture? :)

Karen said...

yes she is - how did you guess?

Sherry said...

Ha! I guessed her as the princess too! lol

My week wasn't quite as productive as I would have liked either. My older two kids go to public school (my ex husband doesn't agree w/ homeschooling) and they had the day off Monday -- so not much was done!

Have a very blessed week!


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