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02 February 2008

Back on Track - maybe

My sister is in Ireland this month for work and has been sending me wonderful pictures. We both love old castles and cathedrals.

I have spent many many hours reading scope and sequence charts and Paradise Lost. I also have an icky cold. I do feel much better about schooling. Maybe it is the package I received from Rainbow Resource yesterday. I'm sure its not the cold. I think I now have just the thing to get us back on track.

Some big things I think I have been neglecting - writing for BB and anything involving seatwork for CC. What is in the package that could change that? I have the SWI-C from IEW for BB. Could I put more abbreviations in that sentence? He and I talked about writing last week and we agreed to implement this. We'll start Monday. Also in the package was BJU grade 2 math. I was all set for Rod & Stafff, but balked at the last minute. I don't think CC would benefit from that much fact practice. BJU is incremental so it breaks things down and works on tasks in small bits then builds on those lessons later. It doesn't jump around in topics like Horizons did. Each lesson is focused on one topic. There is a big emphasis on facts and on problem solving which I really like. We are going to start that on Monday too.

I also checked out a book from the library by Jack Prelutsky about poetry. It has two pages of poems on a topic or of a certain type - like couplets about dogs. Then it has a partial poem with explanation for the child to complete. CC is loving poetry these days and I think this would be a good way to get her to brave writing her own.

I also made myself a big checklist of specific things I want to accomplish before the end of May. Checklists always make me feel better. Below I linked pictures of the new books we will be reading next week.

Once I wrestle math and writing back into their proper place in our schedule, I think the feelings of inadequacy I have been having will go away. Maybe getting over my cold will help too.


Jennefer said...

Hi! Jennefer@SSA here from the WTM board. I read your posts often and was excited to find your blog tonight through Darcy at LWM3B! I'll be back.


Anonymous said...


I looked at Paradise Lost at Amazon...why have I never heard of this book? :-) It looks excellent.

I am your 'checklist' kindred spirit. I NEED a checklist for my sanity...and my oldest homeschooled kid is only 6...does it get worse? lol

The castle picture is beautiful. I think your dd will enjoy her new math, I can't wait to see how it goes!