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15 February 2008

Week 24 - Weekly Report

This week we went sailing on a ship in a far away tropical ocean. LB was catching fish for dinner. CC was cooking, and I was handling the sails. We had a few problems such as sharks, sea snakes and an iceberg. We sailed for about two hours in the swing in the backyard until a cold, north wind blew in a mighty storm and we had to dock in a safe harbor. It was a nice break from our typical winter routines.

Academically, this week went well. Basic, Basic and more Basic - I really like basic. My first grader read, did handwriting and math everyday. This week, she actually did 5 extra lessons in math for a total of 10 math lessons this week. I am thrilled - I paid her for the extra work, but shh don't tell anybody. She also read an entire chapter book at bedtime - it was only a Judy Moody book, but it was free-choice reading, and she read the whole thing.

Co-op was very good this week too. CC really enjoyed her face-painting class. It was the first time they did full-face paint. LB also had fun being a model for the class after her story time class was finished. Hubby even joined us for lunch and helped out in the human body class.

I think BB is getting a bad case of senioritis. He and his ps friend were both complaining that they are tired of high school and ready for college. I have 4 more books I want him to read for British Lit. I think that I will assign comprehension and essay questions for each and just let him run with them - right after I finish reading them and come up with the questions. Note to self - don't be so picky about literature programs for future students. Doing your own literature class is a lot of work.

I have been working through the IEW with BB and making CC sit in the room while we do the class. Yesterday, I had to pause the dvd several times so that we could discuss things. It is amazing to listen to my 7yo and my 17yo discuss story elements together. We discussed conflict, characters, setting, and types of stories. Little moments like this are what I really love about homeschooling.


eclecticallyyours said...

Wow! I love the pictures. That wasn't a face paint class that was a FACE PAINT PRO class!! Very cool. Enjoy your reports very much!

LisaWA said...

I love that picture! I have never in my life looked at a more cheerful couple of tigers than those little cubs! And lovable ones at that! lol *Ü*

How nice to go sailing on a ship (wink) you are a cool mom...and deserving of the E award.


Anonymous said...

I just love those pictures!

Karen aka Testimony on WTM board

my5wolfcubs said...

Wow! That face painting is amazing! As I was reading about your sailing adventure, my first thought was those were some delightful cat-people you met on the island.

I've often thought about IEW -- but I can't even figure out what I'd need. Writing looms ahead like a dark cloud though...maybe it's time for IEW. :)

PS I am going to do a WTM/CM chart for the younger years