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23 March 2008

Week 29 - The Plan

Shhh - Don't tell them that the public schools are on Spring Break. We will take a break or a fun week once the schools are back in session. It will be less crowded that way. It is also too cold outside to be Spring for me. However, it is time to sprout seeds. Next week we will probably do that.

Of course skipping Spring Break will only work for the girls. BB knows better and his classes are out for the week. I think it is a great time for him to get caught up on his reading. We'll see.

I received my copy of Galore Park Junior English this weekend. I am excited to try it out. I want to do the first two or three exercises. I also want to continue to add more copywork and handwriting. Until we get the Rod and Staff Spelling, we will keep on playing Boggle for spelling once a week. For math, I want to use Miquon for enrichment this week and still try to get at least four lessons from the BJU book completed. We are in Chapter 30 of Story of the World. I really like listening to it in the car. That seems to work best for us. For the next volume, I am just going to buy the audio version. I think another zoo trip this week will be good for us. We didn't make it over to the gorillas last week.

For not-preschool, I am going to try to read through some of the stories in The 20th Century Children's Book Treasury. I bought it when CC was this age, but I still haven't read through it all. I am starting to wonder why I have it still. She has also been begging to ride her bike so the first suitable day, will be bike day.

What else, groceries are all bought so I don't have to go to the store this week. Today, Hubby and CC made a Jello brain for co-op science class. We are studying the senses, and several kids are doing reports about senses and setting up sense stations. It should be fun. BB is babysitting this week so Hubby and I can go to a yoga class together. I also have a spring-cleaning urge, so we might do some cleaning or maybe even put that second coat of paint on the living room. And those darn taxes really don't do themselves do they?

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Lorna said...

We like to take our holidays when things are quiet too. I always worry the children feel cheated but they don't seem to mind. Have fun with the Junior English