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29 March 2008

Week 29 - Weekly Report

This was a good week. I feel like I say that all the time, but I did something different this week. I asked CC what she wanted to do for school. I told her we had to have something to focus on and she needed to read and write and math was not up for negotiations.

She wanted to cook. I loaded up my nifty new Startwrite and made a copy work page for her from Ree's Apple Dumplings. We did math, she did the copy work and then made the dumplings. What is better for reading comprehension than following recipe's?

Anyway. We copied, cooked, went to the park and the zoo. We read, played, cleaned and even went to a game party at a friend's house.

One quick note about math. We did "regrouping" this week. CC can do problems in her head that require regrouping but was having trouble putting the steps on paper - which is important so that she can move to more complex problems in the future. I pulled out the ones and tens from hated MUS blocks and did every problem on the front of the lesson page with her with the blocks. "Now trade me those ones for a ten. Put it in the tens pile. Write down a one in that box to remind yourself you traded. Now how many do you have? See how that is the same as this picture from the beginning." We did that for ten problems. Then I had her set it up and do it herself. She understood! She probably understood 9 problems earlier, but likes it when I step through it for her. Of course she did the word problems in her head again, but at least I know that she understands.

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