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30 March 2008

Week 30 - The plan

With new found enthusiasm and a good dose of spring fever, we will fly through this week.

I have a migraine check-up this week. Oh fun and joy. The last medicine upset my stomach terribly. I think I want to go back to the stuff that made me terribly sick instead - just at a lower dose this time. I really want to be free from the constant threat of these things.

BB and I have to do a wire transfer at the bank to pay the application fee for the university in Japan. That is the last thing that needs to be done besides the essay. He wants to polish and customize it more. We will have about three weeks to wait before we hear a Yeah or a Nay from them. If he is accepted, then we have more money, another essay and two letters of recommendation to arrange for the scholarship application. Of course, there is the money for the student visa and a bunch of other work that will follow.

In first grade for copy work and cooking this week, we will be making Ree's Blackberry Cobbler, a Muddled Lemonade, and Cheesy Biscuits. Yum. We will also continue with regrouping and time telling. We are starting to read books about Native American tribes and history in preparation for a trip next month to the Natural History museum. She is doing a presentation about taste for our science co-op. We'll be watching our herbs sprout and cleaning out the garden for spring planting. Other than that there will be books read, games played, art created and learning accomplished.

In British Literature, BB is lagging on his reading of Great Expectations. It is dense, but I need to see more progress this week. We are counting down the days left until he "graduates." I have to come up with a way to mark this event, and I need to order a diploma, but I think I am still in denial about the whole thing.

And in not-Preschool, LB is excited about starting Rightstart A math. The first lesson includes learning the song "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe." She loves it so far. When we started last week, CC kept taking the manual from me. She wants to be the one to teach it.

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