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21 March 2008

Weekly Report - Week 28

We started off slowly this week, but ended strong. Monday was just appointments and sick babies. Tuesday was co-op and sick babies. Wednesday was another trip to the doctor's office, but for BB this time. It was also gymnastics and a good school day. Thursday was wonderful. Any school day where you have to ask your student to please stop working so that you can go to the zoo is a very nice day. Sunshine and fresh air at the zoo in the afternoon were a nice change from our winter routine. For Friday, cookies are the order of business. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies - Yum.

We covered calendars and telling time this week. It was great to watch CC's face light up when she "got it." I switched up history and covered the history of time and the calendar this week to reinforce what we were learning in math.

CC also decided that she wants to go back to italic writing instead of HWT cursive. I want to continue to require more writing from her so that she doesn't get tired before she gets her ideas on paper. We played Boggle for spelling and handwriting practice today.

LB has been playing with Melissa and Doug wooden letters this week. She also wants to learn to write so that she can join us for Boggle. She was copying letters while we were writing this morning. It is nice to have her join us while we play.

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Tina said...

Hope you all are on the mend. It is hard when they are sick...

Boggle! I love that game. :o)

Have a Blessed Easter!