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23 May 2008

Summer Report Week 1

No More Weekly reports until whenever we start school again, but I like keeping track of what we have done so here it is The Summer Report.

BB is an official high school graduate! Now, I really need to order him a diploma and send final transcripts to his top two colleges. Senior pictures would really be nice too. The college score stands at 5 applications, 5 acceptances, and 0 enrollments. One of these days I am sure we will be enrolled - just as soon as the school in Japan gets approval from the Florida Prepaid Tuition Program or we get told "No" so that BB will enroll in the local school. Once the enrollment decision is made, we are having a BIG party. I'm thinking Limo and sushi with family and friends.

CC is still creating amazing things. Today, it was an alien; earlier in the week it was a human form. She spelled all of the words correctly in the pretest so got to skip spelling this week, and math is trudging along in three-digit addition with carrying. We are almost done with that chapter.

LB is starting to really play with friends. This week at our park day, she had her first problem with a friend, poor thing. They wanted to play different things so they both ended up pouting for a while and then worked it out. It is hard for her since her friends are older they don't always like to play the same things she does.

Two big hits this week are the American Tales Reader from Hewitt Homeschooling and Serendipity and Her Friends that I had bought as a reader for CC with Winterpromise's LA 2 reader set. I have been reading the American Tales Reader as a read aloud at night to squeeze some American history into our week. I read it after LB's story and before CC's. I was skeptical about it, but it is a good, age-appropriate narrative history. Serendipity was a reader for CC at the beginning of the year and now it is enjoying a second life as a read aloud for LB. I like it when a book can do more than one job. I think we will be keeping both of these for a while.

Now that I read this, is there anything different since it is summer? Hmm, I guess this is what year-round school looks like. Co-op has been replaced by park days. Formal science has been replaced by more playing outside and walks to the park after dinner. Copy work is gone for now, but free-writing is still happening. Assigned reading time is gone, but books are still being read for fun. History is now at night, and SOTW 1 is still playing in the van. Math and spelling are going on at the same slow and steady pace. We have camping trips, zoo camp, swim lessons, and road trips to visit distant friends to look forward to in the next three months. I do love summer in the mountains, but I really miss living near the beach.

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Angela said...

Looks like your summer is off to a great one! Have fun!