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02 May 2008

Week 34 - Weekly report

This was a very busy week. We did everything planned which was a lot. CC was nervous about playing guitar on stage at the expo, but she was terrific. The kids played Rockin' Robin. The one day space camp was wonderful. She had trouble sleeping Thursday night because she was still thinking about how much fun she had.

BB was accepted at the university in Tokyo! So now we are working with the admissions office to see if we can get the prepaid tuition program to pay for it.

The current college score is:
Applied - 5
Accepted - 4
Rejected - 0
Waiting for decision - 1
Admission deadlines passed - 1
Registered in - 0
Longest elapsed time between application and answer - 5 months
Shortest elapsed time between application and answer - 3 weeks

CC started R&S spelling this week, and it went well. Now I am thinking about using R&S for grammar too. For math we are working through the chapter on money, and we discovered that we need to start the math lessons with a set of warm-up problems. I am going to look through the BJU TM cd to see what they offer for additional practice. She needs to do addition and subtraction with and without borrowing and carrying before we start each math lesson. According to her it "warms-up my math brain." So now our math lesson consists of review, then new material from BJU, then word problems from Singapore. We are a long way from when we began the year struggling to get any math done.


Wee Pip said...

Congrats on BB's acceptance! I bet that's a difficult thing for a mama, though (I'm not sure I'd want to send mine so far away!) Great week - sounds like math is going well. Loved the photos - what a very full week you had!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the acceptance. We are really enjoying Rod and Staff for grammar. It is very thorough, yet gentle and simple to use. Great explanations as well. :)

dragons in the flower bed said...

What a wonderful week.

Jennefer said...

Hi! What a fun week you all had and I second the congratulations on the acceptances. I know I am going to blink and my 3 boys are going to be graduating (sigh).

Take care!