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06 June 2008

Summer Report Week 3 - Mother Hen

This week I learned that CC is a perfect Mother Hen, and LB loves to be the Auntie Hen. We put the babies in a little chicken wire pen this morning so they could have some fresh air. They kept gathering around CC like she is their mother. It is really sweet.

We have found homes for all of them except the 5 we are keeping. I think CC would be happy if we could keep them all. I can really see a small farm in our future.

This week was slow and peaceful. We are enjoying the warm weather and the sunshine. The trees in the backyard have their leaves so we have a perfect shady cover over our swing so we can enjoy the slow pace of summer.


Lisawa said...

How sweet is that... remids me of the book "are you my mother"

Love the sound of slow summer days... I do , I do...

Tina said...

Oh that is just darling! My dd would be all over that in a heart beat.