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13 June 2008

Summer Report Week 4 - Zoo camp

"How do you know what you don't know?" That is the profound question CC asked me today as she was eating a hot dog at the park above the zoo. My poor baby was sad because she had spent a week at zoo camp and hadn't learned very much. She must have expected to learn a lot, but the only thing new about animals that she learned was that lions like ketchup and catnip and that if you are allergic to cats that you would be allergic to bobcats but not lions or tigers. I asked her what kind of things she wanted to learn, then she gave me that deep answer. Poor thing. She is super smart and knows many things, but wants to know so much more that she doesn't even know where to begin. She was disappointed that the camp leaders were volunteers and not zoologists. She was disappointed that people were impressed that she knew what a marsupial was. She was disappointed that they didn't ask any questions that she didn't know the answer to.

On the bright side, she had a lot of fun and found girls that were just as chatty as she is. She even braved the overnight and enjoyed sleeping at the zoo and a nocturnal zoo tour. Next year, I'll try to sign her up for two weeks at camp, and LB will be old enough for camp too.

Nine more baby chicks found a new home this week so we are down to ten.

GMa is home with us again. She arrived last Monday and will be providing a comfy lap for the kids for a few months. I love being able to have her involved with the kids.

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