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19 July 2008

Things To Do before School Starts

With second grade and more not-preschool coming up in less than ten days, I need to find some inspiration.  I have planned and planned and planned.  The problem is that I have over-planned.  I just need to plan to start with what I have and see how it works.  The first thing I need to do is make a to-do list of all of those things I have put off this summer and finish them up even though summer is too nice to spent even one minute at the DMV.

Here is my list of essential things.
  • Tags expired the beginning of summer
  • Heater needs to be replaced
  • Giant holes in siding from woodpeckers need to be fixed
  • Dead trees must be chopped and removed
  • One of non-load supporting beams on my porch broke
Here is my list of other things.
  • Visit wolf rescue center
  • Make notebooks for history
  • Decide what to teach at co-op
  • Paint the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Visit my sister in Texas - still haven't met that new baby
I would much rather sit in my swing under my tree (which needs to be trimmed) and watch the kids play.

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