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13 July 2008

Thinking thoughts on planning

I have not been lounging around all summer not thinking of homeschool.  really.  I even printed out the first chapter of Lively Latin this week. 

This morning I read an article about classical education.  Yesterday, I mapped out what school would look like if I switched to LCC - making the substitutions for material that I know that I prefer over what Drew recommends. 

So now I have a new spreadsheet with each subject mapped out and my old spreadsheet and my little 10 page doc with weekly checklists for this year and my intention to be more focused and my plan to do co-op once a week because that is where our friends are and my plan to do a new cottage school once a week because it will add things like science labs and Mandarin and my intent to add more art for my very visual daughter.

How do I reconcile this?  I know I have an answer in here somewhere.  Maybe we skip the middle ages this year and just continue with the American history stories we have been enjoying.  Do I need to teach science in co-op if CC is getting science at the cottage school?  Maybe one of my existing subjects can be moved to co-op instead?  How much can you streamline classical education?  

Mental Note - do not change Math and remember that the Latin has ancient history and English grammar in it.  

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