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04 August 2008

Monday Math

Math today was long.  I had planned to do one page of subtraction word problems and one page of multiplication with 2 word problems from Ray's.  Well, she enjoyed them today so I naively agreed to do more.  Big Mistake.  We should have stopped.  We went long enough for her to start playing and me to start getting frustrated.  Next time, I will make sure I stop sooner.

I did learn a new exercise for math.  We all know skip counting, 2,4,6,8.....  Have you tried having your kid skip count backwards?   Start at 20 and count backwards to 0 by 2.  Start at 18 and count backwards by 3 to 0.  And so on.  She discovered that counting backwards by six is easy if you can count backwards by 3.  Somehow she never noticed the relationship when she was doing it forwards.  I think this will be great for us.  I am trying to teach multiplication and solidify subtraction.  This is perfect.

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