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11 August 2008

Monday Math

Doesn't she look like the perfect little Mother Hen? She is great with little ones. And what does this have to do with math? Hmm, nothing, but it is cute.
I have decided that it would be easier to just use ONE math book and do one lesson each day and be done with it. Why do Ihave to work so hard to make sure she is understainging it? She can do the math. She just needs to do enough of it so that she can move on to fractions and long division. Then we can go to Algebra which she will love. (I will not be persuaded that this is a delusion) Did you realize that kids do addition and subtraction for YEARS. How can it take so long to teach it? Why does it have to be like pulling teeth to get math done somedays?
Okay, I feel better - or not.
Here is a sample of what we are doing in math instead of working through our math books:
  • Add two and three digit numbers with and without regrouping
  • Subtract two and three digit numers with and without carrying
  • Skip count by 2,3,4,5,6,10,11 forwards and backwards
  • Addition strategies with 8 and 9.
  • Word problems with weight.
  • Multiplication and simple division word problems
  • Magic squares

We don't do a ton of problems, but we do enough to show me that she understands the concept and can do the problems. I get up each morning and look through my math resources to find problems or examples of problems for her to do that day. It is generally based on how the previous day went. I always look ahead to see what is coming up next in each resource and make sure she can do that.

I think it would just be easier to give her a workbook and say 'Work.' For the record, I am using Ray's Intellectual math, Singapore Primary math Intensive Practice 2A, and CWP 2, BJU 2, and RS math Games. I must be crazy. I actually have a math program for each day of the week.

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