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24 August 2008

We will really need to begin school someday

I have often warned new homeschool moms to "ramp up" to their full schedule so that they have time to make adjustments and such. I think I need to take my own advice. Maybe I will be an unschooler this year instead. I am still not excited about starting school. I need to just set a date and jump in. Or, I need to "ramp up."

I don't have a plan. Okay, I do, but.... I have a plan for the school day and most of a plan for the year. I just don't have a plan to start. How do I transition from our sweet lazy days to a schedule?


Urban Mom said...

No hurry. School doesn't officially start for the Chicago system, where U-Dad teaches. So we go with that. No need to do much school til September, we figure. So enjoy every last one of these summer days!

Urban Mom said...

I mean, school doesn't officially start until after Labor Day for the Chicago system. Must stop thinking that psychic-commenting actually works...............