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14 September 2008

Week 3 - The Plan

This week I need to ride my bike more. I am a bit out of practice.
Seriously. We will have two field trips this week - both of them are very cool and educational. We will also go swimming, go to cottage school for science, art, music and Spanish, start co-op classes which will include a pre-reading class for LB and an earth science class for CC.

For the home part of homeschool, I am going to finally open the Singapore Math book. We will do that 4 days, plus play Muggins Math. We will continue Just Write, our Celtic tales, and handwriting. This week I'm not going to add anything new since I added twice last week. We are starting co-op and have an extra field trip. We'll be busy enough. I still need to add in the history, Latin, and poetry, but we are getting there.
For not-Preschool, we will be working on a mini-book for Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, learning about van Gogh's Starry Night, learning about rhyming, and working on curvy letters like C and S.
The deck still needs to be pressure washed and stained.

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