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07 December 2008

Week 12 - Peeking Ahead

Yes, Hubby took them hiking again today - he is SuperDad. See that little dot of a person way up high in the background? That is my 7yo. The 4yo is balancing in the front.

I have a plan for this week, and it does not involve pulling out my hair or hiding in a corner. I printed out samples of CW Aesop Core, A and B and have been reading those. I also printed copies of Writing Tales 1 and 2. I decided to work through the sample of Writing Tales 2 this week with CC to see how that goes for us. It was the easiest thing to do right now, but I know that CW is where I want to be eventually.

Other than that, we are continuing Jabberwocky, starting Alice in Wonderland, and actually doing history. We're also doing the four-digit addition and subtraction math, plus starting back up with multiplication and division.

BB is taking a short trip to FL to visit family there before he goes to Tokyo in 22 days. He won't be back until right before Christmas which is just in time to get ready to leave.

We are getting ready for CC's birthday party. Everybody repeat after me - "No Snow on Saturday." If it snows Saturday, then the lady with the horses can't drive them down for the party. We have carpets to clean, a horseshoe cake to make and decorate, party games to plan, snacks to make, a yard to clean, and I think it is going to snow for the next two days.

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