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16 January 2009

WR15 - Unexpected nature

Monday, we had an unexpected snowstorm, so of course Tuesday we went sledding.

It also happened to be a great day for a nature walk.

We followed these tracks through the snow.

And we saw many of these out enjoying the weather too. I love our local park and trail.

Now, for the rest of our week. It went mostly as planned except I found a new simile for homeschooling - Homeschooling is like Windsurfing. I'll explain that later this weekend.

CC - Second Grade.
Math - Great this week. We stuck to addition squares and multiplication practice the entire week. (daily)
Grammar - She claims that it is torture. She complains when it is time. She asks for explanation as to why she must do it and pleads for something more fun. She whizzes through each lesson everyday and even giggles at some of the exercises. Growing with Grammar seems to be working. I am gradually transitioning her to reading the assignments herself and figuring out what needs to be done. (daily)
Copywork - I used Worksheetworks.com to create the copywork this week from her chosen poem "After the Party." She is copying 10 lines of poetry a day this week instead of 4. (daily)
History - We are still reading SOTW2 nightly so this is great. (daily)
Science - We had a great nature walk which was unplanned. The RS4K Physics lesson went pretty well, but when we were out in the field throwing the tennis ball, I couldn't remember what the point was. I need to prepare better next time. having the experiment materials isn't enough. (twice)
Literature - We are reading One Thousand and One Arabian Nights - by Geraldine McCaughrean. CC is loving it. We are having some great discussions about veiled women, people as property, Baghdad being the center of the world and different belief systems. (daily)

LB - Preschool? K4? Something
She still only comes to the table voluntarily. Somedays she has a lot of trouble with the concept that she can't play with CC or Me during "school time."
Math - We worked on the number 3. She wrote the number three, repeated patterns with three things in them, divided up three things into groups of 1,1,1 and 1,2 and 2,1 and 0,3. She also played with triangle shapes and did the 3 page in Singapore EB.
Reading - While we were playing with letters one day, she sat with us and spelled words - cat, hat, dat (she knows it is a made-up word. It is what you get when you cross a dog and a cat), dad, mad, sad, tad (a person's name), mom and then she starting lining up the letters and had mommy and daddy letters. Gotta love that short attention span.
Geography - We worked on learning where North America is on our big floor map. She insisted it is easier to find on the globe and doesn't like the idea that we live there. She would prefer that we live in Africa because she likes giraffes.

BB seems to be settling in at college. He found out that his Japanese class is taught completely in Japanese so that is exciting for him. He already wrote an essay for English. He is bored in College Algebra, and the comparative government systems class looks like it is going to be very challenging and will require lots of classroom discussion. He also found that cheese costs about a dollar a slice, bread is sold by the slice, and although butter was $4 for a big square of it, he bought some so that he could get a more familiar taste for his eggs and rice which is now his staple meal (he is cooking most of his own meals now).

I started using the Motivated Moms checklist for chores this week. Monday, the kids thought I was trying to kill they by making them clean toilets. By the end of the week, we learned that LB is great at cleaning sinks, and CC discovered that she loves cleaning the mirrors, and we were all glad that I finally got rid of that big cobweb. My motto for the week was "You Live here - You work Here." I usually make them do chores, but I am rather sporadic about it. I do love checklists so I think MM will be a good structure for us.

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