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01 February 2009

Week 18 - planning - how did it get this busy

The girls got to enjoy the beautiful, unseasonably warm weather with the-best-hubby-ever this weekend. Wow, the things I miss.

Anyway. I was mentally going over my list for the week and needed to write it down before I forget.

Monday -
  • I have a meeting at work from 3-4; we are getting reorganized again.
  • CC has art class at 5.
  • I need to get LB signed up for ballet.
  • I have to go to the bank and get some money to BB - the weak US dollar hurt us. All of the paperwork for college was done with an exchange rate of about 110 yen per dollar. By the time tuition came due, the exchange rate had dropped to 85 yen per dollar. Ouch. I guess the boy is getting a lesson in international economics.
  • I was supposed to take snacks for girl scouts, but I need to change this. ( should probably do something about this before Tuesday)
  • We are taking my mom to the airport. Gma is going back to Florida.
  • Meeting friends at the park.
  • Need to buy LB clothes for ballet class, and there is some urgent thing I am supposed to get for CC which I hope to remember.

  • CC is at cottage school.
  • Lb going to first day of ballet, hopefully.
  • Meeting another homeschool mom at her judo class to preview a book I have been interested in buying.
  • Assuming I still have a job after the re-org, I am back at work.

Other stuff that needs to get done but not on any particular day.
  • I need to update the credit card number on my insurance and remove BB from the car insurance. I am sure it will be cheaper without the teen driver.
  • I need to cancel the old phone service since hubby had the new service installed.
  • I must get started on the income tax since I have all the forms. I have to get it filed so I can do the FAFSA - which is the WORST form EVER! - I will make a whole post about that one after I fill it out again.
  • Need to mail BB's latest care package.
  • I promised CC we would fill out adoption forms at the local husky rescue.
  • I need to make reservations for Valentine's day dinner.

And least I forget - I am supposed to school the kids and take care of the house.

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