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22 March 2009

Next Week is Spring Break - NOT

This week our county public schools are on Spring Break which is probably good for them. I bet they need a break because the warm weather has been giving us spring fever. Now of course the bad news is that the weather is turning cold next week. The good news for us is that all over the county, there are wonderful programs setup to entice parents to drop off their little darlings for enrichment.

I plan to take full advantage of these enrichments, add a little math and writing and call it school.

The big plan for next week if for both girls to be in art classes all week for 2 hours a day in the afternoon while I sit nearby and read a book. I might even bring along a big cup of coffee. Before our strenuous time in class each day, each girl will be working on her own math book creations. LB will be making a book of numbers, and CC will be making a book of multiplication tables.

Whew - I think this is going to be a hard week of school or NOT.

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Urban Mom said...

Enjoy that "NOT" week! Much deserved!

Just a quick note re: the show I may have turned you onto & re-shuffling your Netflix queue. I saw that it's coming to PBS starting in mid-April. Check your local listings, as they say.