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27 March 2009

WR25 - I knew this wasn't Spring Break

Since we had delightful 70's last week, it is only right that we had a blizzard this week. And if you don't know blizzards, that is what they call it when the winds are 30mph gusting to 50mph pushing a foot of snow. It is a great time to be inside and call off school. Everything gets closed and we stay inside and enjoy each other.

When it clears and the sun comes out, we spend an hour or two with the shovels finding the driveway and sidewalks. I think we are getting better at bundling the kids because after an hour sitting in the snow in 18 degree weather, they were starting to get hot but still welcomed homemade hot cocoa.

This week we only did 4 days of school and only did art and math. After two days of working on multiplication tables, CC discovered that multiplication will help her do her division faster. Well, of all things!

They loved art school - too bad it was cut short by the blizzard. It was LB's first experience in a classroom without me. After the first day, she exclaimed she wanted to go everyday, forever. When we arrived on the second day, she decided that she didn't want to be there. But I asked her to try the class for a little bit. She of course loved it again. The same was repeated the next day. Her teacher remarked that she is a very happy child and always smiling. I just nodded that "Yes, she is delightful." She's one of those hot-and-cold kids. Either everything is wonderful or the world is falling apart. She really has no middle ground, but happily for us, she is sunny most of the time.

I need to get myself together and get CC signed up for her next pottery class which is supposed to start in April. Hopefully they will have some nice summer classes that I can get the girls in that are at the same time. I like the results from having professional art teachers. I'll post some pictures, right after I take them.

We also read a different version of the Three Little Pigs. It is The Pig Who Went Home on Sunday by Donald Davis. I was afraid the girls would be bothered by the first two pigs getting eaten by the fox, but they were more amused by the third pig getting the best of the fox. I love reading different versions of stories that they know because it gives us a good opportunity to talk about the story - the characters, the setting, plot, how it is different and how the differences changed the story. Literary analysis can start young and doesn't have to ruin a story (or scare the parent). You can teach simple little lessons like this and start giving kids tools to enhance their enjoyment of and understanding of literature.


The Ridge School said...

So beautiful where you live. My dh would move us out there in a second, if a job came up. Those mountains call to him.

Karen said...

We love it here. I used to want to move back to some place warmer, but I don't think I would ever want to leave my mountains.