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07 April 2009

The sun came out and we took a spelling test

After a blizzard and several days of blowing snow and cold, the sun came back so our short morning walk ended up at the park with an added nature walk. I love our parks and trails.

CC took the first step of the placement tests for Spelling Power today. She enjoyed the process.

She has been wanting to become a better a speller, and I have been struggling to accommodate that since she is a great speller and still very young. She scored a 25 on her placement test, which puts her current spelling level around grade 5.5. It also explains why I've been having trouble finding challenging material for her at a second or third grade level. Hopefully, This will be the spelling program for us.

Today she also happily worked through two lessons of MEP math. I still love this stuff. Now she's watching the funny part of Home Alone and eating a late lunch before we go out to run errands. I think we've all gotten a little out of shape this winter - a simple two hour romp in the woods and half mile run to and from the park shouldn't wear out such young kids. :) I love spring time and fresh air and exercise and sunshine and sunshine and fresh air.

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