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03 October 2009

Week 4&5 field trip pictures

Drum Roll please.... Here is a sampling of the thousand + pictures we took on our little field trip.


Wendy Hawksley said...

What a cool field trip! And you even managed to catch a geyser in action. Great job!

Julia said...

Those are beautiful! Where did you go? I'm guessing there are no whales in Yellowstone so there must have been a few stops. ;)

Karen said...

No whales in Yellowstone? Well, okay. We started in CO headed north through snow, slept in the Tetons, went to Yellowstone and stayed at Lewis Lake, saw the buffalo on east side of Yellowstone, geysers in the middle and elk on the west side. Then we drove southwest to the redwoods in northern California - some notable places are Jedidiah Smith State park and Patrick's Point State park and the lighthouse is in Crescent City. Then we went North to the Seattle area where we stayed with family and enjoyed a day at Pike's Place market and a day in Friday Harbor where we saw the whales.