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30 October 2009

Week 8 - Math, Snow, History and more History

First let me tell you that Genghis Khan is really cool. My mom, a friend, two third graders, a 5 year old, a 2 year old and I all invaded the local history museum this week to check out the Genghis Khan exhibit. We all learned a lot and had fun. There were gold doubloons, bronze passports, giant-screen invading hordes. It was just awesome - oh and educational. We stopped by the outer space, sea mammals, butterflies, and dinosaur exhibits too. It was a long day, but most excellent. My history book choices may be falling flat, but history museums two weeks in a row have been terrific choices.

Now on to that most dread of subjects. Math.

I cannot tell you how many times I have reevaluated my math plans and found that they weren't working. Last week, my thoughts that our multiplication facts were slowing down the progress of math were reinforced, again. I am so opposed to drilling facts. I really thought we could get by without it. But I have given up that ideal. You should start hearing Another One Bites the Dust playing in your head now, because I do. I purchased the Kumon Grade 3 Multiplication book for CC and the Kumon Numbers 1-30 for LB. There will now be at least one page of math imposed on my family 7 days a week - yes, seven. Guess what? CC loves it. She loves the single topic. The mastery. The Self-Checking. The Grades. Yes, she even discovered grades. Now she wants me to get a grade book. Another One Bites the Dust How many of these ideals fall prey to reality? I loved grades as a kid, why shouldn't she?

We had two glorious days of snow, followed by warm and sunny today so we had to hurry to the sledding hill before it melted. Yum. Its not the beach, but it is FUN.

Oh, and back to history. Wow, I love E. Nesbit. CC read House of Arden earlier this year and became an instant fan of English history - even owning her own book of Kings and Queens of England and Scotland. Now, I'm reading it to her at bedtime. Every morning, we hurriedly search through our history encyclopedia to find out more about the who/what/where/when's that were referenced in the reading. I used to think Enchanted Castle was the best Nesbit, but House of Arden wins because of its historical references and excitement.

I more fully understand why she dislikes the books I have been trying to force on her - they just don't come near the beauty of what she likes to read. I still don't know what to do about it, other than keep on with what we're doing now, just adding more historical background information to a wonderful book that she loves.


Wee Pip said...

museums are fun and really add to the learning! I kwym about multiplication drills - we're there, too. Yuck. I'm horrible at enforcing drills. Thanks for commenting on my blog and leaving advice. It was good advice (it wasn't lame advice, which is what my sleep deprived brain wants to avoid, lol). I need to find some blankets big enough to wrap tightly with. I am starting a journal officially (rather than all the jotted naptimes scrawled across the backs of envelopes, not very well organized).

Julia said...

The Genghis Khan exhibit sounds great.

My daughter loves getting grades too. I didn't plan on giving them, at least not until they were older, but she loves to get a 100 when i make the 0's into eyeballs and add a smile below. She likes to correct her work and then get her 100. I feel like I might be setting her up for disappointment in the future though.