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18 November 2009

OOPs - bad math Mom

Yesterday, I was happy, sort of, with our math. CC loves Life of Fred, and she is tolerating Kumon to get those multiplication facts down. I was starting to think that all of our math problems were finally starting to work out.

Today. Today, ended with me picking up the Saxon that my math-teacher Brother had recommended. Our math lesson came to a screeching halt not very far in. CC doesn't know how to read the names of larger number values. She doesn't know what to do, and apparently she thought it was a failing on her part. She has known she didn't know and hid the fact from me. Man. I missed this one.

After explaining to her that it is not her job to know what she doesn't know, I explained that the failure was mine for skipping around in maths. I missed it in the shuffle - who knows what else I have missed. Luckily, she is young, and this is an easy fix. However, we are going to do math in a more systematic way. It was kind of my thinking when I went to Kumon, but that is only facts.

She told me that she is afraid to do math in front of other people because she might find something else that she should have known but doesn't?

Bad mom.

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