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13 November 2009

That was a long time ago

LB and I had this discussion this week while she was in the tub:
LB: "When did the dinosaurs all die?"
Me: "Except for the ones that didn't die out, most went extinct about 65 million years ago."
LB: "Wow, that was a long time ago. It was even before Liam's birthday party."

In case you don't know Liam. His birthday party was last Sunday.


Julia said...

"Except for the ones that didn't die out" What do you mean?

Karen said...

We've had discussions about evolution already. Some had to have survived the mass extinction in order to have adapted, muted, evolved (whatever) into the animals that came after them. I try to be careful to not give her a mental image of all of the dinosaurs dieing at one time because that will make it harder for her to understand how dinosaurs fit in with their modern descendants and it isn't accurate.

Did you know that chickens are more closely related to the T.Rex than a crocodile is? There were DNA comparisons done about 5 or 6 years ago. I remember thinking that was cool.