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18 December 2009

Week 14 - Report Mob Rules

70 days down - now count me out for vacation. I am beat.

This week in third grade, we did 3 more Saxon 5/4 lessons and another chapter in Life of Fred. Math is currently awesome. We also did another full week of SL 3+4 LA. English is currently awesome. We finally started Rosetta Stone French thanks to the school district. CC loves it - and she can actually pronounce the stuff unlike her mother. LB has even been walking around repeating French things she has heard.

LB has completed her week of SL K LA. She modified some of the Explode the Code exercises. Instead of copying the words from the top of the page to the right place at the bottom, she likes to cut them out and paste them at the bottom. We've been using the little word cards for writing and spelling practice. We also discovered that scratch paper is awesome for copywork. BB also likes it for practicing the kanji he is studying. This morning, while she was making invitations to a dog wedding, LB sounded out the word invited. We were all pretty impressed.

We've been practicing our poetry, learning to weave, learning the words to The Twelve Days of Christmas, reading Jan Brett's Christmas Treasury, Alice in Wonderland, Om-Kas-Toe, a book about Squanto and a book about Sequoyah and finishing a weather unit at school. I made 24 finger sandwiches for the school party and the girls went to their first wedding with us. CC also had lots of practice writing friendly letters and addressing envelopes this week since she decided to send out her own Christmas cards while I was sending them. Hey - I sent Christmas cards with pictures of the kids for the first time in at least 6 years.

I've been trying to get ready for Christmas and finish up school. I really shouldn't put Christmas off for so long. I still don't have the tree up, and I only have one or two presents. My brother is coming this weekend, and I don't know where they are sleeping, and the house is a mess. I don't know when we'll go skiing or anything.

Anyway. School is out until further notice. I'm undecided about continuing math over the break. I really want to because BB is home and CC loves having him teach her the math lessons. However, I really need a break. I also think continuing the French would be be good, but then again I don't know how 9 people can be quiet enough for CC to do a Rosetta Stone lesson. My brother leaves on the first of the new year. BB goes back to Japan on the eighth. I'm not sure when we'll restart school, but it will be after the first.

Only 110 more days of school, but who's counting?


Our Westmoreland School said...

Sounds like time for a well-earned break.

Merry Christmas!

Daisy said...

Sounds like you rocked all over this week. I love it. Great idea to cut out the words and paste them. That's something my son would have loved.

Have a great week!