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29 January 2010

WR18 - Day 90 the midpoint

This week turned out less productive than I had wanted because I had a migraine on Monday and then a 5 hour web conference on Wednesday. French and math are holding steady and are the two favorite subjects. Writing suffered from neglect this week - again. The house suffered too. We switched to doing French first and it just seems that the whole day is out of whack. I need to rethink the plans, but she loves having French first.

Here is what we did this week -

Monday -
10am - 11:45am CC - Rosetta Stone French included review, writing complete sentences, prep phrases over, under, in, new vocabulary, listening
LB - Play with Schleich with me while I go back and forth to between her and CC
11:45am - 12m transition and get dressed
12m - 12:30pm free play while I shower - I might have been late, but at least I showered.
1-4 errands
4:15 - 5:15 math multiplication and division facts
learned to move kids pix pictures into Photobooth to use as a background.

10:30 LB worked on ordinal numbers while signing The Twelve Days of Christmas from book by Jan Brett.
10:30 - 11:45 CC Rosetta Stone French .
LB fed chickens and dogs, jumped on trampoline, played with stuffed animals

11:45 - 12:15 both Chee-Lin: A Giraffe's Journey by James Rumford set in 1435 in Africa, Bengal & China talked about Chinese exploration and Giraffes
12:15 - 1:10 CC Saxon 5/4 Lesson 33 & LB phonics with me - reading short a sentences (lesson 12 How to Tutor by Blumenfeld ). CC's lesson was about writing numbers in the millions - CC wrote her answers in French
1:15 - 1:45 CC Life of Fred chapter 7 (sectors and fractions) and LB made circles and paper pizza
2:30 - 4:00 Went downtown to shop for friend's birthday and got to watch crepes being made outside the French restaurant then enjoy some
4:15 - 5:45 CC art class at art school while LB and I hung out and read and played quietly.
We met dad downtown and enjoyed a walk and dinner and another walk
midnight - told CC to turn off her light and go to bed at the end of her page because she'd been up reading since bedtime at 9

10am -3pm I had an online conference for work so the kids were left to run wild in the house.
3:00pm decided school was never going to get done so instead of trying to educate them for a few hours after being in my conference all day, I decided to cancel school and play with them. Listening to They Might Be Giants Here Comes Science doesn't count as school does it, maybe tomorrow?
CC did notice that her beanstalk has been growing noticeably everyday, so she started measuring it.

CC - read You Wouldn't Want to Be Mary, Queen of Scots!while eating breakfast - she didn't like the book although it did hold her interest
CC School - art, music, science, p.e., chess, recess, world cultures
LB - cuddles and cartoons
castle building
Explode the Code online for 15 minutes
helping with dinner
singing and dancing with Under a Shady Tree by Laurie Berkner
read Richard Scarry's Please and Thank You Book
While we were making lunch, LB and I put some celery in water then talked about what she thought might happen.

Both - watched two episodes of Walking with Dinosaurs while dinner cooked
CC started reading Calvin et Hobbes (the French version of Calvin and Hobbes)

before 10am - CC tried to do Rosetta Stone French before I got up, but couldn't find the bookmark. I made a simple way for her to get in first thing after I got up.
worked with LB on Explode the Code Online for 15 minutes while CC was finishing breakfast.
10am - CC worked on the Roman Gods lapbook while LB played on pbskids.org. CC had a hard time deciding on a picture to symbolize Venus. She didn't want to use a heart because Romans didn't associate a heart with her. She eventually settled on a seashell since it will "make you think of the Birth of Venus painting."
Both kids played with KidPix while I took a shower and started getting ready for work.
noon - CC did chapter 8 from Life of Fred while LB made a picture for number 5 - it was 5 doughnuts then she cut out a purple heart for her sister.
1pm - CC declared she was bored and hungry.
CC helped me with lunch while LB typed a list of everyone's names and ages on the computer. We also read a section from The Annotated Mona Lisa about Miro since she her teacher had talked about him in school yesterday but didn't give much information.
1:30pm - They were both on the computer when I left for work. I think CC was illustrating a phonics reader for her sister.


Daisy said...

You all have some REAL school going on. LOL. I love how you just weave schoolish stuff through-out your day. I think I need a chill pill. I'm always worried I'll never get my son back into a chair again if I turn him loose for too long. LOL.

Cyn said...

Wow- what a week! Very productive! I'm having a day where the kids are running wild, as I clunk away on the keyboard!