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15 February 2010

PSA - Beware of Ping Pong Balls

Lesson from science today - ping pong balls are highly flammable.

I was supposed to be demonstrating potential energy and a push-pushes back type of thing. I ended up demonstrating that sometimes science experiments go awry, and I need adult supervision while doing them. :)

No wonder, my college lab professor stationed me under the fire extinguishers.

The experiment today called for pushing pencils with a clothes pin and using a string as a trigger. The idea is that you tie the clothes pin open then burn the string and make a trigger which releases the energy and launches the pencils. I thought ping-pong balls would be more dramatic than pencils. Well, they were. Science is exciting around here.


Daisy said...

ROFLOL. Pictures! My kingdom for pictures!

Karen said...

I added a picture of the burnt ping-pong ball. My hubby said that I should turn on the video camera and grab the fire extinguisher next time I mix science and fire.

Daisy said...

That is AWESOME! I can't believe you burned the ping pong ball. LOL.