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01 March 2010

Arts and Ideas

Saturday morning before I went to work, I helped CC sew wings onto a dragon and helped LB work on a swing made from K'nex. As I drove to work, I thought about the "arts and ideas" charter school in our neighborhood.

I am firmly on the side of imagination. I spend a lot of our time and money adding art enrichment to our lives. I work hard to create an environment in which inquiry science can thrive.
I also try to put most of my energy into getting the core subjects done. Arts and Ideas need language and math.
My goals for this week:
Make sure CC finishes her dragon for art class
Help LB finish her swing so I can have my table back.
CC needs help making a new chocolate that she has been thinking about and wants to finish before school this week. She also needs to select and print pictures of our vacation to the coast for her scrapbook project.
I want to help LB finish her digital story book.
We need to accomplish 4 chapters of Fred and 4 chapters of Saxon, and some Miquon.
We need to do 3 hours of French, 4 copywork exercises, 4 chapters in the Mary Queen of Scots book, finish Peter Pan, do a section in MCT Grammar, Poetry, and Vocabulary, and maybe read some of our viking book, some fairy tales, Shakespeare, and do some phonics.

Yep, we are all about art and ideas here. No time for rigorous work. We'll get started just as soon as CC finishes hemming that princess dress she is making for LB.

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Daisy said...

LOL. Great post. What I love about homeschooling is it all mish-mashes together. Sounds like you have some wonderful projects going on at your house!