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19 March 2010

Weekly report - At least its not strep

The girls at the park enjoying the sunshine.
Feeding the ducks and geese.

With friends.

CC's Treehouse design - elevation view.

LB's Fishtank.

This week started off quietly and ended with a whimper. I took the day off Monday to regroup and enjoy the sun that made an appearance. I think that we spent the entire day from breakfast until dinner outside. It was terrific. Tuesday, we woke up late, did our minimal work then took a three hour lunch at the park with friends. While CC was doing her French after we returned, her throat started hurting.

She has been in bed with a headache, low fever and nasty sore throat since then. I took her to our trusty family doc on Thursday to rule-out strep before the weekend. He confirmed that it wasn't strep. Great. So she's still in bed, but feeling a bit better. The good news is that popsicles help the throat, and Netflix on demand has 6 seasons of Mythbusters. So much for this week.

I've had CC quarantined to hopefully prevent spread of this dread infection which has left LB with lots of time and attention all to herself. I don't think it has hurt her one bit. She woke up one morning and did two lessons of Phonics Pathways on her own before she watched cartoons. This morning she ran herself a bath before I woke up. She is just growing up too fast.

Flat Stanley has been doing some more sightseeing. At least somebody has been doing something this week.

Isn't he a great Big Brother - taking a paper sister all over Tokyo for a project? And handsome too.


Daisy said...

He is a handsome and kind big brother!

Hope CC is feeling better. Blech, the sickies are going around everywhere it seems. The last viral hooray of the winter, I hope.

Beautiful sketch of the tree house and fish tank. I'd LOVE that tree house.

Robyn said...

Awww, nice of brother! How exciting for paper sister too! Sorry you've got crud in your house. We had stomach crud last week... not fun. Hope your dd is feeling better soon and everyone else stays healthy!

Laughing Lioness said...

Flat Stanley causes me to LOL! What an terrific project! and your ds is truly handsome. I am impressed with the treehouse and the fish tank- both terrific!
Thanks for the thinking skills ideas- I will check them out- I'm excited to get the Problemoids, too!...a side note- you have caused me to re-think my lame approach to science = )
And lastly, thank-you so much for your comment on my Wed. post. It blessed my socks off.
Hope you have a great week-end and everyone is well!

legendswife said...

Hope your girls feel better:) so they can enjoy some of this spring weather!
God Bless

Moonbeam said...

I hope this week finds everyone well and the weather still beautiful! It must be such a blessing to have a ds that cares so much for his family, even from a distance. You all are blessed.