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17 April 2010

The Big Change - As ready as we will ever be

Here is my desk space in family room. I still need an in and an out school box, some cord wraps, and a chair for CC. LB is going to sit at her little table until she gets a bit taller.

I can see out this window and into the kitchen from where I sit. My back will be to the treadmill and the fireplace. I have printed out a schedule from Motivated Moms for household chores and stuff and a daily schedule from DonnaYoung for school work.

I have craft books, "safe" science kits, and paper airplane books for use when I am on a call. We start Monday with this whole new work-and-school-at-home experiment. Tomorrow, I get my first weekend day off from work with my family. It will be a nice change.

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