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12 April 2010

Eeek - Changes are scary

I made the decision to homeschool years ago when BB was in middle school so the anxiety and worry were mainly about whether I had ruined his life by taking him from "real" school.

So far with the girls, the process has been really relaxed and easy by comparison. BB is safely in college so I know this will work. We have been in a nice groove for about 4 years with the girls. Well. Now that is changing. As of next week it will be different.

I am going to try to savor this last week while standing on the edge of a big a change. As of next Monday, I am going to work during the week from home while continuing to homeschool. Scary Scary.

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zendra said...

Wow -I am impressed. I can barely get my 3rd and 1st grader schooled w/ a toddler running rampant in the house. I can't even imagine trying to do it while 'work' working too. I am crossing my fingers for you and am looking forward to reading about you successfully (look how positive so early in the morning) navigating your newest challenge!