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02 April 2010

Spring Break recap Part 2 - Life back to normal

Here is my nephew at 5 days old. He is a cutie.

We are finally back from our vacation and visiting my brother.

LB had fun not being the youngest for a change. She is really 2 years older than this cousin, but she did finally quit calling him Baby.

We spent a lot of time with animals - the zoo, bush gardens, the beach, and soccer games.

After many years of mixed feelings that come from being mountain-born, CC has fallen in love with the ocean. She had the pleasure of following wild dolphins from a sandbar.

I think that the longer I am away from the ocean, the harder it is to leave again.


For school news - somewhere in the sky between Chicago and Omaha, CC discovered Asimov. I let her borrow I, Robot from me, and she liked it. This is the first time that she has read something I'm reading instead of the other way around. Wow.

We did a short version of normal school today before I went to work. We started reading The Way Life Works, did a review from MCT Grammar Island of the first 5 parts of speech we have covered, and did Investigation 5 from Saxon 5/4. It was the first time we've done school in two weeks. I think it went pretty well. Also of note - CC was just about bursting with pride yesterday because her art teacher gave her a very sincere complement about a piece of artwork she had done. Kids know the difference between encouragement and real complements.

While we were working on math, LB started working on her Little Labs Cars and Gears science kit. She did the first activity by herself. Also of note, last night she made a lamp from k'nex then wanted to make it work for real. I pulled out a box of science supplies and found some batteries then showed her how to wire a light bulb into her lamp and put a battery on it (we blew the first bulb by using a 9v battery - oops). Daddy helped her hang it over her bed. She was very proud of herself.

It is good to be home, but I miss the bigger part of my family.


Tonia said...

What a little sweetie he is! And I'm impressed with the lamp wiring - I think my dd would really enjoy science at your house. ;-)

Moonbeam said...

Isn't it neat when you can share books instead of just assign them?!
Love the tiger picture.