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04 June 2010

Homework and Work at Home

Something very strange is happening in my home. Let me explain.

For my job, I have to write Very Important Documents. These documents have time lines, summaries, suggestions, and proposed corrective actions. Since I work at home and home school, my kids get to see a lot of my work. This morning, I needed to compute the elapsed time of a particular happening so I had CC help me with it. Before I send out my Very Important Documents, I have her proofread them for me, and I usually read them to LB to make sure they have good flow. I have found myself explaining some very technical things (like full and half duplex network communication) to them so that they can understand my documents.

For the document I am finishing today, I have to summarize a 10 hour phone call with 20 or more people involved into one or two paragraphs and pick out the important details for a time line that tells a narrative of the event.

The girls see me everyday struggling with math, technology, people, and writing.

I guess I never realized that my work would become part of our home school instead of just something we have to schedule around.

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