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25 June 2010

Weekly review - Summer Week 1

Since it was summer I didn't keep track of what we did. I know that the kids have settled into their "No-Math / No-Electronics" routine because this morning LB was looking for her math book when I came downstairs to make coffee. She finished her math and watched a movie while she ate breakfast in the office /school room.

We've been playing "Go Fish" with a set of dinosaur cards that I got for school next year for LB. We all have fun trying to sound out the names. LB has also been working through the projects in More than Moccasins while I'm working. She's also been busy playing and learning to ride her bike. And she has started drawing pictures for me at night and then wrapping them in a piece of paper labeled MK for Mommy Karen.

CC made a buckboard wagon from a kit and was quite proud that she turned a bunch of balsa wood and some metal wheels into a realistic wagon. She realized that the pioneers must have been very uncomfortable crossing the plains in wagons like those. She also read a book on Socrates and the first book from Asterix the Gaul. She's still reading through the last set of pioneer diaries that we got from the used book store too. Additionally, she's made some paper dolls, paper dragons and other projects.

We've increased our nightly walks to 1 1/2 miles if we start late or 3 miles if we start early. I love the coolness and quiet in the evening. We've seen mother deer with their fawns, red-winged black birds and wildflower are finally starting to bloom.

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