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21 July 2010

Getting ready for next year

We made our 172 days this year, but it was a stretch for us. We had taken off lots of time during the year and by summer we were all tired of school.

I had planned to continue math through the summer, but plans change. Our house doubled in occupants for the past month and made just too many opportunities to not get around to the math. We've been learning some good social skills instead like tolerance and getting to know people that are differnt and working past jealous feelings and talking to people who have hurt our feelings.

I worked dilligently to do lessons for next year in Homeschool Tracker, but now I'm second guessing my plan. I want to go over it all again and see if I can simplify it more. I know I need to be more organized because of my new work schedule, but I'm not sure what that should look like. I want something easy to manage and easy for hubby or my mom to oversee if need be; but I really don't want to change our school into a results-based place. I love that it is still exploratory even though we have high standards.

Despite all of that, I did print out the yearly calendar from donnayoung and mark off two days of school for each child already. After I turned in my "Notice of Intent to Homeschool", we spent a day at the King Tut exhibit which has to count as school. We also spent time exploring a ghost town in the mountatins which certainly goes into that state history category. Two days down and 170 to go even if they were both field trips.

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