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24 August 2010

This plus math and a story makes a school day

We are still in our summer mode of doing school lightly.  We don't traditionally start until after BB goes back to college, but we are trying to catch a couple of days a week.  Today, the girls hit it out of the park.

Art, Science, Spelling and Technology for a Kinder

LB loves animals.  She has been working on a series of animal pictures on the IPad in SketchBook Pro which I find hard to use.  She is amazing.

Art, Technology and Practical Skills for a Fourth Grader
CC made a form with all kinds of choices for pets and pet supplies, put it on the computer, printed it, asked her sister to make choices and then designed, sewed and stuffed a dog name "Jack" with all of his supplies just like her sister chose.  It is an extrordinary amount of creativity and work for one day of fourth grade.

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Tina said...

Wow. That is awesome (on both counts). I don't think I could have done so well on the sewing project. Nicely done!