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10 September 2010

WR 2- science and "real school" in the mix

This week we continued to ramp up to our full schedule. The kids started their "enrichment school" which they both loved. We also mixed science back into our week.

CC finished her Inventions kit, took a trip to Radio Shack to buy her own stash of resistors and diodes, and started reading a book about rocket science which seems to be really good. She got excited about Newton's Laws and Jules Verne while I was making dinner. I think that is a terrific start of a book. She is continuing to shine through math and survive writing (with gradual improvement).

LB spent the week playing, a lot. She did several pages of math, her required amount of phonics, some experiments with density, and had lots of experiences with gravity.

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MissMOE said...

Looks like a wonderful week. I love your Einstein quotes! Thanks for sharing.