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14 January 2011

Week 16 - New Year, New Material, New Spaces and sick kids

Read Alouds - The Land of the Silver Apples, Jan Brett 's The Owl and the Pussycat, Stellaluna, plus bedtime reads that I can't remember today.
CC's  Reads - Harry Potter again - she finally checked #2 out from the library so she can quit rereading the first one.  Bruce Coville's version of A Winter's  Tale and The Tempest

I have great new material for both girls.  I ended last semester knowing that things needed to change.  I needed a more predicable work schedule, and I needed a set schedule of work for the kids.  Looking at the books I already have, I choose MP K and MP Classical Studies.  I'm also going to start RS A with LB, again. 

Here's How it Worked.

*scheduled in MP
**replaces equivalent assignment in MP

Monday -
LB - ETC**, Stellaluna *, play in snow, watch Magic School Bus, make jello, play, recitation*, RS lesson**.
CC - sick - watched History Detectives (4 episodes), Harry Potter movie 1, napped, coughed, blew nose, had a headache.

Tuesday -
LB went to school then fell asleep on the way home.  Maybe she's not all better yet.
CC finally emerged from her room.  She was only up for a few hours, but that is an improvement.  She did some art, played with keva blocks and watched mythbusters and Liberty's Kids.

I learned that running an extra 15 minutes and pushing the shower until after my next call is a bad idea especially if the calls run over.  I ran at noon; it is now six.   I still haven't showered.  I need a better time to run.

Wednesday -
Glorious sunrise this morning.  Now that I'm becoming a morning person, I love watching the sunrise while I have my coffee in the quiet of the day.
LB - woke up with an earache.  She is sick again.
CC - feeling better, rested, did art and finished her story.  12 pages and over 3000 words.

Thursday -
LB is sick still.
CC went to school.

Friday -
LB went back to the doctor today - an ear infection and tonsillitis.
CC is under the weather and not fully recovered from her cough.  I can't focus on trying to push her through work with LB feeling so bad.  She read and played with keva blocks again.

Well.  Week 16 was a bad, bad week.  :)  Nothing really worked well because the kids were sick.  It is one of those weeks that make you question if you should be doing this at all.  However,  I know that the kids will get better.  The new schedule and material might work, once I get a chance to try them.  At least it is the weekend, and I can get some rest and put the finishing touches on my new office.

BB started a new job. He's working at an afterschool English school.  He's teaching English to 7-8 yos who are just learning English.  They sang BINGO and Head and Shoulders and played ring-around-the-rosie.  I think it is pretty cool.

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