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20 May 2011

Week 34 Almost done

Yes, 11am and haven't started school yet
Three more days of school after today.

I guess that doesn't really qualify as a weekly report. Hmm, we did math, reading, writing, phonics, poetry, history and science in small bits this week. We have a pretty good schedule going which means that it is almost time for the year to be done. It seems like it takes us most of the year to get comfortable, then we're done.

We're looking forward to dropping some of our outside commitments and having park days with friends. It will be nice.

Baby Geese in one of our favorite parks

What's on my mind


LaughingLioness said...

Almost done ; ).
What's on your mind has been occupying lots of my brain space these days, too! Hope you get there ; )

Sydni said...

Oh man! On my mind too! Nice picture.

Theresa said...

Ha! I felt that we had hit our stride and found the good schedule just as the year was ending too!