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05 June 2011

2011-2012 Plans for Fifth Grade and First Grade

 Here are my plans for this year.

The Framework:
The girls will each go to a one-day-per-week enrichment school and take judo.  LB takes dance classes.  CC takes pottery classes at the local art school and is also learning the cello in a local strings orchestra program.  Hubby and I work full-time mostly from home.  I don't include reading here, but we read voraciously from a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction.  Both of the girls are working through the IEW poetry memorization book.

Fifth Grade:
Math -  Art of Problem Solving Prealgebra - Changed to MM%&6 due to changes for next year
English - IEW poetry, WTM writing, and still looking for grammar  
Philosophy - Sophie's World, Philosophy for Kids, and Philosophy 101 by Socrates
History - Aristotle Leads the Way (science as history this year)
Science - finishing ClassiQuest Biology along with  Ellen McHenry's Brain which will be followed by  ClassiQuest Physics (we're doing science year 'round)

First Grade:
Math - Saxon Math 2and LoF Elementary
English - ETC, McRuffy handwriting, reading , Writing With Ease 1 (starting at mid-year)
History - Three unit studies that she chose - Ancient Egypt, Dinosaurs, Medieval Times
Tales - first grade story list from LCC  and a collection of Greek and Roman myths
Other - art, music, science, and pe from the enrichment school

These are the plans.  It is good to have them.


LaughingLioness said...

Karen- could you explain how you are going to do philosphy? LOVE the science list- off to check it out as well as Aristotle leads the way...thanks ; )

Karen said...

Philosophy -
Sophie's World has 35 chapters. We're going to read this aloud each week and discuss. I'm gathering extra reading for each philosopher where I can. Peter Kreeft has a terrific series of philosophy books starting with Philosophy 101 by Socrates that examine philosophers and their ideas with exerpts from their writing. Since these are pretty deep, I am planning to take more than one week when there is a Kreeft book to go with a philosopher. We're going to use Philosophy for Kids as additional discussion or writing topics outside of our philosopher studies.

Shannansbooks said...

I am checking out Aristotle Leads the way for next year. I will be following your blog for updates on how it is working out for you.