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17 June 2011


I have always loved summer.  I remember long, hot summer days from growing up in a small town in the deep South.  Now I'm trying to figure out how to give some summer memories to my kids while working full-time and with the mind of home school teacher.

This week we've been to the pool twice, the park with friends, and the zoo.  We've also played in the yard, waited for the ice cream truck, played in sprinklers, and enjoyed some warmth, sunshine and each other.  To balance this, we've been doing math, reading, phonics, and memory work for a few minutes most days.  
That water is COLD

BB has a sprained ankle

Mr. Moose was very thirsty after running around and bellowing

A very handsome peacock

Pony rides

I love that BB is home, but I know it is probably the last summer he will be here. I think that makes me want to hold on tighter to the girls (and him).

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