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15 July 2011

Summer report 2

CC with Lacey and LB with Apple

Buddy, the Mutt

We are slowly getting back into the swing of summer after being gone for a couple  of weeks.  When we got back, the kids spent the first day doing art projects because they had missed art.  The next day back, we restarted our daily math, logic, and phonics.  CC declared, "I just love geometry!"  I guess two weeks isn't too long to go without math (we're working through MM Blue sets over the summer to keep things fresh until we start Fred Decimals in the fall).   LB read one of her phonics readers and  realized that she was really good at reading still.
One of the series of hands and feet by LB, the kitchen floor was nice too

Part of the playset CC is making for small toys she's also making

The girls spent the day yesterday playing outside all day and guarding the new chickens in case our mutt, Buddy, decided that the new chickens are fair game.  Today, CC is off to watch Harry Potter with hubby while LB is making a treasure map and planning a treasure hunt in the yard.  BB stayed behind in FL to visit more family.

As for me, next time I go on vacation, I should really make room for a day to rest when I get back before I start work.  I have suitcases to unpack.  But if I planned an extra day, I'd just decide to spend it on vacation too.  Oh well.   At least I know what I'm doing this weekend.


Bright Sky Mom said...

Is CC's playset made of Sculpey? My dds are teens and still making things from Sculpey -- lately it has been tomb treasures for Ancient Egypt study!

Karen said...

This set is made from Model Magic (it's an air dry clay). CC makes things from Sculptey too. We love who nice the finished product is when we use it. And your Egypt stuff is beautiful. wow.