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26 August 2011

Last Report for summer 2011

This week CC read A Winter's Tale, The Tempest, and A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Secret Garden, Stories from Ireland, and a couple more Max Axioms.  She's having trouble with the Secret Garden because she doesn't like the main character which is new for her. She's doing math and reading daily along with using some iPad apps to play with geography and presidents.  She loved her first day of her new enrichment school.

I started reading  A Treasury of Children's Literature to LB.  She restarted her tap dancing class.  She's still doing phonics daily and enjoying lots of free play and stories.

We went to the pool, judo, mini-golf, and many nature walks.  The girls spent a hot day playing in the shade of our big tree.  LB woke up before me one morning to do her phonics (seriously, I hadn't even turned on the coffee pot yet).  We had Friday science with our friends.

Nothing really says "End of Summer" like buying those school supplies.  Picture me at 8pm on Tuesday night at Staples  trying to find the last two items on our extremely ridiculous school supply list for the one-day-a-week ps school.  I need 1 Red 1/2 inch binder with two inside pockets and 200 lined 3 1/2 x 5 inch index cards.   I start with the nearly empty school supply bins.  Where are those index cards?  I give up and move to the binders.  There are no red binders left.  None. Zero.  Zilch.  Ten minutes later, I find a 1 inch red binder with inside pockets dumped on the bottom of a clearance rack and grab it then start checking the upper shelves where they keep the extras.  I finally find a red half inch binder under a stack of tabs (I needed 8 of those too).  I choose to go with the red half inch with no inside pockets and abandon my red one inch with the inside pockets.   After 30 minutes, I am halfway done with my list.   I decide to check the other side of the store to see what's there because I am boring myself with school supplies, and there they are.  The ruled index cards.  I actually feel a momentary feeling of victory then laugh at myself and return home.  Summer must be over by now.


Gillian said...

I still haven't gotten the last few items! Totally debating if we should "start school" next week, or the week after, when I am maybe a bit more prepared!

Daisy said...

I have a love/hate relationship with 1/2 inch binders. They are impossible to find and SO expensive. Glad you found what you are looking for.

Sounds like a great week. Hopefully The Secret Garden will improve for CC.