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16 September 2011

Week 2

CC's books completed:  The Land of the Blue Flowers, Hatchet, Holes, The Westing Game, and The Phantom Tollbooth

LB stories received: The Owl and the Pussycat, Meet Kaya, First Dog, Madeline, Encyclopedia Prehistorica , Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Stink, Sleeping Beauty

Poetry from Classic Poems to Read Aloud
The girls made pie

CC decided this week that she should be busy "morning, noon and night" so she dismissed my lovely school plans that spaced the work out in various subjects onto different days and has been doing an assignment from each of her books everyday plus reading for a couple of hours every night.  Here's what she did this week
-- 3 lessons from LoF and a bridge
-- 4 written summaries from SoTW
-- 4 full pages of poetry copywork
-- 4 sections from The Brain
-- 4 sections of The Story of Science
-- 4 creation myths
-- 4 sections from an anthropology book
-- 4 chapters from Sophie's world
-- drew 4 animals freehand from an animal encyclopedia
-- read 4 stories to her sister
-- practised handwriting with her left hand
-- did a ClassiQuest Biology lab with her friend
--plus - did a 20 minute timed writing assignment, vocabulary, a short paragraph literature response, a page of Shurley grammar and a daily review of Spanish vocabulary for her enrichment school homework, plus spent a full day in school.

The girl makes me tired, and she wants me to grade all of her work so that she can compare herself and know where she needs to improve.
Setting the mantis free

LB completed --
-- 4 Saxon lessons and her very first timed facts test, which she loved
-- 4 pages from Math in Focus
-- 6 pages of ETC
-- 1 Lollypop Logic
-- 1 McRuffy Reader
-- made more dinosaurs
-- Colored many, many pages printed from Jan Brett
-- listened to lots of stories
-- played with her prehistory timeline and sorted her dinosaurs into the correct time periods
-- 4 more letters in cursive with each hand
-- had tap and judo class
-- drew pictures of her state, learned some more local history, learned a song and taught it to us, played some games, had pe, made colorful drawings of her state, and had fun with her friends at her enrichment school

This week mostly seemed better than last week.  LB noticed the difference in the amount of time her sister was working and missed the extra playing.  There were more instances of shushing around the table than usual.  My Wednesday schedule is a bit off because I have an early meeting that day and have trouble getting into a good rhythm.    I also need to figure out how I'm going to grade CC.


The rabbit in the classroom said...

I love the pie! Looks like a fun week.

LaughingLioness said...

Wow. Your girl is on the ball! Sounds like you got a ton done this week ; )

Homeschooling6 said...

Four summaries from SOTW, that's great!

Mary said...


I have used Jan Brett's coloring pages in years past - I especially love the Rainforest sheets.

Looks like a good week.

Michele said...

Go, CC!! Pie looks great!